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Antagonist Meme Entry #1

Antagonist Meme Entry #1

1. Who are you and how long have you been waiting for an update?

Name's Perrin, and I've been waiting for updates for months now; not that the comic's been THAT late, I've just been focusing on figuring out slightly more pressing matters, like how to eat this week, land myself a job and keep my fiancee from moving in with some other guy.

2. Yikes. So who's your favorite character? Come on, it's not like you have a lot to choose from.

I'd have to say Professor Perish. It's probably all in my interpretation, but he seems to give off a curious vibe similar to a certain Gallifreyan who has decided to take a bit of time off from conquering all of space and time; what, he seems to wonder, is the attraction of this "helping" others? Perhaps he intends to turn over a new leaf... or perhaps he is grooming a set of more interesting distractions for his dear friend and honored adversary...

3. Now show me your OTP. Oh, come on, I know you're a shipper.

Frankly, I wouldn't advise letting me go too far down that road. It does seem as if Hench (a.k.a. "Henrietta", just to show that I've been paying attention) has a bit of a thing for good ol' K, though the nature of the attraction remains somewhat murky. Frankly, I'd rather see a series of semi-off-panel shenanigans, perhaps Stormy Umbrella Girl and Unnamed Hero have a bit of a fling (after she's turned 18, of course...) but Hero then somehow winds up with Leena. Meanwhile, Stormy Umbrella Girl and Hench become unlikely friends, up to the point where Stormy will ask Hench to stand in for her civilian identity at least once, to help keep her secret identity secret...

4. Really? I don't see that. So you probably noticed K covers his eye and his forearms. Any theories?

Well, it's obviously an on-going problem; taking the patch off his eye before he goes to sleep seems to be as much a part of his routine as brushing his teeth. Whether the eye is actually missing or not is an entirely different question. He doesn't strike me as the sort who would willingly maim himself in exchange for power, though he also doesn't strike me as the studious sort who would spend a lot of time learning how to wield dark magic for anything other than a bit of staging. However, the bandages do seem to be rather skin-tight, leading me to suspect that K did pay some kind of price for his dark magic.

That's another point: K has removed his eyepatch on-panel, but he has never removed his arm bandages. They're nicely detailed, and don't seem to interfere with his digital dexterity in any way (viz., picking the hero's pocket). Could it be that he doesn't remove them... because they're actually what the flesh on his hands looks like now?

5. You're probably right, but it doesn't excuse his dubious choices in costume. Show him how evil incarnate really dresses.

Personally, I would think that Evil Incarnate (tm) would not only have a near-infinite wardrobe, but the capacity to alter it (as well as form, coloration, gender, etc.) at a moment's notice. As Agent Smith proved, a sensible suit and tie can be every bit as terrifying as a hockey mask, an orange-and-green sweater or a blood-stained leather apron.

6. Now that is what I call a villain. Hench could probably use your help, too. What do you think?

Much as the subtle intricacies of economic destabilization and memetic manipulation of cultures are beyond K's immediate grasp, the fundamentals of female couture are beyond mine. Aside from "Are you comfortable in the ambient temperature and humidity?" and "Can you walk in those shoes for more than a few steps without discomfort?" I have very little of value to contribute to this discussion. Of course, she might enjoy something like this for day-to-day wear: ... and something like this if she decides to join in the super-shenanigans...

7. There we go. She'll get a new villain in no time, don't you think? I wonder what her new boss will be like...

I expect that her new villain will be the last thing she would expect. Perhaps a disembodied brain in a jar, who literally needs her to be her eyes and ears on the street (and hands, and whatnot)...

8. So, enough about villains. What do you think that mysterious hero guy has up his flannel sleeves?

Tough, strong. Not terribly fast. No ranged-attack powers he cared to use, nor any special movement abilities. Perhaps even he doesn't know much about his own potential. It would be interesting to see a hero who can manipulate kinetic energy (say, dispersing the incoming force from a moving truck into a wide area; so instead of a few thousand foot-pounds of pressure onto the small surface area of the hero, a few thousand square feet in his vicinity get a relatively gentle shove each).

9. Lucifer! K better watch out! I bet there's going to be a really cool showdown. What do you think it'll look like?

I'm not entirely sure. K's combat abilities haven't been explored much on-panel, nor has he even mentioned previous tussles. He strikes me as more inclined to talk the victim to death, or sucker-punch from behind, or generally take "the better part of valor".

10. You know, sometimes I wonder. When K looks out from his panels at us, what do you think he sees?

Perhaps a constantly-shifting, hazy image that combines all the readers throughout time into a vague "audience", or perhaps even a single "confidante" of indeterminate status except for riveted attention to K's discussions.

11. Now I'm getting lazy and totally fishing for ideas. Draw me one thing you'd want to see happen in the comic.

I have trouble with stick figures, so no drawing from me. Sorry. However, it would be very interesting to see K disguise himself as someone completely different, the better to get more information on the hero. Hench might even ask, at one point, "How do you make both your eyes move when you're wearing that get-up, if you've got an eyepatch on underneath it?" K might even respond with something like, "The Pretty Boy class offered some fascinating advanced disguise classes. Haven't you ever wondered how some of the masked villains get their eyes to go all white without affecting their vision at all?"

12. You're done, but if you're anything like K you still have something to say. This space is yours; do with it what you want!

Keep going, keep playing, keep sharing! You've demonstrated a remarkable talent and the persistence to hone it. We believe in you! By the way, I'm not entirely sure why, but I get the distinct impression that the action takes place in England. Perhaps it's the whole clearly defined structure for that sort of thing, all the way to the Failed Villains Association building... Is this the case, or am I just putting the clues together completely wrong?

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