04/27/13-A posting from beyond the grave
I know Antagonist has not updated in some time, but here are a few personal updates, in case you're interested.

1)I have a book out
2) If you happen to be reading this and happen to be going to C2E2 this weekend, try and find me and I will give you an Antagonist postcard! I'm not at a booth or anything, so the best way to find me is to follow me on twitter or like me on facebook!

I know, shameless self-promotion. I apologize. I hope you are all doing well, and I hope to have more news for you soon!

10/18/10-Page 29
Page 29 is now up. Enjoy!

09/26/10-And another one!
Page 28 is now up. I had this ready last week, but I was out of town and otherwise busy through Tuesday morning, followed by a stint of recuperation. The good news is that I am coming up with more Antagonist ideas as of late, so hopefully that will translate to more frequent updates. Cross your fingers, click your heels, and check back next week for Page 29.

08/30/10-Heeey look an update
That's right kids. Page 27 is finally up. Also, like I said I would waaay back when I last updated, the gallery has been updated with all the images you haven't seen if you haven't been following the LJ community. (NBD!)

I'm going to try my darnedest not to make this so start stop, I promise you that. Thanks everyone who is still checking in, my apologies for the waits I put you through.

I should also add, if you want to keep better track of me, hassle me about updating in a publicly humiliating way, etc, I have a twitter account. Oh vanity of vanities. Follow me if you want.

06/21/10-If you can read this...
My hosting moved servers, which is why everything went down. Trying to determine what caused the News box to go wonky- it's a bit deja vu and I'm pretty sure I had this problem before, but I can't figure out what changed. Maybe it's time for a new system? No update this week, check back next weekend and hopefully you'll be able to see news posts correctly by then.