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About the Webcomic

The Antagonist is an ongoing webcomic that began in 2005 from one person's need to make something productive from the frustration she felt over the poor state of quality in villains today. Whether this frustration was justified or the result productive is probably a matter of opinion. Antagonist is drawn in the most current version of Photoshop that the creator has access to at the time, with a first generation Intuos.

About the Author/Artist

Kristen "SwimmingTrunks" Cella is a recent graduate of Northern Illinois University, receiving a BFA with a concentration in illustration. She is attracted to complexity but not necessarily seriousness. She loves people, who they are and what they do, and doesn't think "because he/she is evil" is ever a good enough answer.

About the Plot

The Antagonist is about an ex-villain and the struggle to find his place in a slightly less ludicrous world after his occupation and resources have been stripped from him. The Antagonist is about a henchperson, working to find her identity beyond her current employer. The Antagonist is about a fourth wall that is quite frequently mysteriously absent.


Coming Soon!

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All content is © Kristen Cella 2005-2010 unless otherwise noted. While we acknowledge that theft is a old and noble part of villainy, we neither condone nor tolerate it when it happens to us. Antagonist is part of