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Antagonist Memes!- NEW!

Fill 'em out, send 'em in here. With your permission, characters used in the OC meme will find their way into a background cameo when the comic gets up and running again!

The Antagonist Meme | The Antagonist Original Character Meme

The Submissions!

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Draw A Face For The Hero!

For a long time we went without a face for the mysterious hero- now we have faces in abundance! Submit your own idea of what that Hero guy should look like! You can email your idea here.

The template!

The Submissions!


NSFAQ- (ongoing)




(Icons behind an "[X]" contain foul language or sexual themes. You have been warned.)

Icons made or edited by Shionshion:


Icons made or edited by Ren:

[X] [X]

Icons made or edited by Laura:

Icons made or edited by klio:

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